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A year ago, my legs were so weak that walking alone could be very painful. Working with Alicia has enabled me to build my strength, improve my posture, and boost my self-confidence. Now I am ready to join the AIDS walk—something I couldn't have done a year ago!

Elisa Legon

I’ve been working with Alicia since 1999. I’m 57 and this is the best I’ve ever felt about my body. I can’t say enough about the integrity and thoughtfulness she brings to each workout. You don’t need anything resembling “willpower” to go to your Pilates session. Working with Alicia is always a collaboration and a rewarding experience.


Alicia Principe has created a comfortable and calm home exercise studio. In the privacy of her warm and clean space, Alicia guides me through a series of exercises in the Pilates Method, and/or the practice of Yoga.

Her expert knowledge about exercise, breathing methods, and body awareness has provided my mind and body with strength and tone, calm and well-being.

After a one hour exercise session with Alicia, my body has been conditioned and I’m stretched and feeling balanced. Alicia then sets me up on an automated, heated massage bed where I receive the benefits of a soothing and relaxing massage.


Jane E. Bolster

I started working with Alicia eight years ago when I was struggling with chronic back pain. She came highly recommended as an experienced Pilates instructor and having her help me with my exercise program has been a transforming experience. In addition to Pilates, Alicia adds elements from other disciplines (yoga, strength training, etc.) to address individual needs. As a result of the work I have done with Alicia, I am stronger than I have ever been, my posture and movement have improved and my back problem is under control.

Alicia takes great pride in her work and cares deeply about her clients. She has students spanning all ages and fitness levels and she adjusts sessions accordingly. Pilates has been an essential element in improving my overall well being and Alicia is certainly one of the most talented Pilates instructors available. But Alicia’s focus, breadth of knowledge and passion for helping people make positive changes are what truly distinguish her.

Working at Alicia’s home is peaceful. I feel fortunate to have found Alicia to help me and I recommend her with total enthusiasm.

Donna Golkin

I had been doing Pilates for several years when I started working with Alicia. I was thrilled to discover that she was not only an incredibly talented Pilates instructor, but had a deep understanding of how the body works. Whether I have a sore knee, shoulder, or aching back Alicia magically organizes that day's workout to ensure that I walk out of the class without pain! As a psychotherapist who believes that bodywork is extremely important to any work on the psyche, I have referred several of my clients to Alicia, with great success. But perhaps the most telling referral I made was my husband, who I sent for help with a torn rotator cuff. Although he was reluctant to start, he has continued to see Alicia and is now one of her most avid fans. Based on his experience with Alicia, he now thinks everyone should be doing Pilates!

F.Diane Barth, LCSW

My Pilates with Alicia is always a challenging time. I am very aware of her care and seriousness of purpose. She has helped me to do and be more. I wish I could go twice weekly!

Mary Harrigan

I have worked with Alicia as a Pilates student for over 15 years which has kept me healthy and fit. In addition, because she is also well-versed in anatomy, she has been able to guide me through the exercises needed to recover from two separate fractures thereby eliminating the need for any further special physical therapy. I cannot say enough about her caring and expertise.

Mary Dettling