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All individual training is done one-on-one on appropriate equipment in my studio, located on the Upper West Side. These movements are performed on the mat and on specialized equipment designed to support and guide the body through its transformation. The system uses springs to provide resistance and the body’s own weight to develop strength in the core and the whole body.

Private work is an intense and intimate experience. I provide a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment in which our work will take place. Because of the intimate nature of my space, my practice focuses (though not exclusively) on women. I accept male clients on a referral basis only.

Designing an effective personalized movement experience begins with a review of your medical and exercise history; musculoskeletal and breathing assessments; and your needs and goals. The essence of our work together is integrating Pilates into your personal “wellness program.”

Pilates is a lifestyle change, and diverse age groups have different goals:

Pilates is for all ages!

The restorative exercises effectively produce a balance of strength and flexibility, correcting muscular imbalance. Muscular armor limits the motion of your joints. It is crucial to let go of “holding patterns.” When we release tension, the bones are more easily moved and range of motion increases. Balanced support of the skeletal frame translates to spinal health, balance, efficient movement and postural alignment.

People around you will notice a difference in you, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.


I currently work on PeakPilates equipment. My studio is equipped with a Reformer, High and Low Barrels, Wunda Chair and a Cadillac Wall system.